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Potatoes should be planted 10-15cm (4-6") deep in rows 60cm (2ft) apart (earlies) and 75cm (21⁄2ft) (maincrop). Place the potatoes with the rose end up 30cm (1ft) apart for earlies and 38-45cm (15-18") apart for maincrops. Potatoes will grow on most soils and are good ground cleaners. Avoid lime as this will encourage scab and is generally disliked. Blight is the other big problem, this has no cure but can be held in check by regular spraying. All our potatoes are CERTIFIED SEED produced in Scotland, England, France and Holland. They have been independently inspected by FERA, or equivalent certification body and passed as Grade AA or higher. WE WILL SUBSTITUTE WITH A SIMILAR VARIETY IF IT IS FOUND NECESSARY. IF THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, PLEASE LIST ALTERNATIVES OR MARK YOUR ORDER ‘NO SUBSTITUTES’. Most varieties are available from January onwards. To ensure your potatoes arrive in the best possible condition, all deliveries will be made using an appropriate service.

Please note some varieties will not be available for dispatch until February; please see individual varieties for further information. These varieties include: Organic Coquine, Rosabelle, Organic Amandine, Organic Anoe, Belle De Fontenay, Organic Belle De Fontenay, BF15, Organic Cheyenne, Organic Gourmandine and Linzer Delikatess

Many varieties will be in great demand again, so early ordering is strongly recommended to ensure your first choice is available Your entire section two order will be sent together under the one delivery charge, if you require us to split the delivery, please ensure that you enquire and a secondary postal charge will be payable. 

We need your phone number and full address including the postcode for these deliveries. Please advise us of a safe place, preferably under cover, in which your parcel can be left in the event of no one being home when the delivery is attempted. Alternatively let us know if there is a more convenient address (ie. work or relation or friend), where the parcel can be sent.

As ever, we suggest the more you can get together with friends and neighbours the more cost effective the carriage charges become. Please enquire for prices of larger quantities in 25kg bags.

ALL POTATO PACKS ARE 2KG ~ BUY TWO OR MORE 2KG PACKS OF THE SAME VARIETY AND SAVE 25p per pack (please note this does not apply if one pack is organic and the other non-organic.)

All potatoes are offered strictly subject to safe harvest. We are sorry but no advanced orders for potatoes for delivery Winter 2017 or Spring 2018 can be taken.

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