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Onion, Sets - Keravel (Roscoff Pink)

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(50 sets)

The Roscoff Pink onion was first brought from Brittany, to the UK by an enterprising french grower in 1828.  This continued for many years as more and more sellers, affectionately known as "Johnnies" brought their wares to our shores.  Their arrival was eagerly anticipated as the soft pink blushed onions were well known to be crunchy, sweet and juicy raw and soft and fruity once lightly cooked.  It is said to be more easily digested than other varieties.

*Please note; these are for pre-order and will not be delivered until the appropriate time, usually January to March, as conditions allow.

Product Code: Onion Set
Manufacturers Part Number: OSE30
Weight: 0.20kg

Variety Information
Botanical Name Allium cepa
Flesh Colour Pink
Hardiness Hardy
Harvest Time For fresh use harvest from July. To keep for storing over winter, harvest August to September and harvest once skins have toughened.
Pack Size 50 Sets (approx. 200g)
Plant Height 40-50cm / 16-19in
Position Full Sun
Shape Round
Skin Colour Pink
Soil Type Firm, free draining site
Sowing Time Mid March to the end of April
Spread 10-15cm / 4-6in
Spacing 10-15cm / 4-6in
Species Onion

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