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Sweet Pea Snoopea Mix

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(100 seeds)

Height 23cm / 9"+
Some or all of this plant may be poisonous
Good for cut flowers
Can be sown in September for flowers in early spring

A dwarf growing non tendril type which is especially good for bedding schemes. Colours include white, pink, red and blue.

Normally sown in situ from March onwards when soil conditions allow. Usually flowering from June until the frosts kill them. For earlier flowers many species can be sown in September and overwintered in mild areas. Hardy annuals are generally easy to grow, quick to flower and are great for filling in gaps. However large or small your garden they represent great value for money.

Sweet Peas or Lathyrus odoratus originated in Sicily and are said to have been introduced to Britain during the 17th Century. It was the Victorians who started to breed a more diverse colour range, and this trend has continued ever since, with new shades coming onto the market most years. Scents range from very delicate to quite pungent and we recommend for arrangements that you use a mixture of colours with a few of the more strongly scented ones added in for effect. Dainty flowers are produced in abundance and most varieties will need support. Black seeded varieties should be soaked in water overnight before sowing. Sow at 15-20ºC (59-68ºF) Cover with thick layer of vermiculite or compost. Pinch out tops when plants reach approximately 10cm ( 4") in height, regularly deadhead. Can be sown outdoors March to April in situ and thin as required.

Product Code: Snoopea Mix
Manufacturers Part Number: SP03
Weight: 0.00kg

Variety Information
Pack Size 100 Seeds

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